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Tin nhắn đến Ung Kim Long

02 tháng 12, 2009  Lam Van Duc   Reply Trả lời
Hi Long,
Mot nhom cac ban dang lien lac voi nhau.

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Neu Long muon biet them chi tiec xin lien lac voi Duc.
28 tháng 10, 2009  Khai Duong (USA)   Reply Trả lời
Hello Long,

Toi that khong ngo to^'i hom nay toi tim lai duoc ban..Long con nhan ra toi khong ? Khai day , toi vao Taberd tu nam 64, Onzieme, va cho den nam cuoi o Taberd la nam 1972 vi toi phai roi Taberd sau do de 'skip' mot lop vi hoc tre cung nhu rat nhieu nhu dua ban cua minh sinh vao nam 1957!!! Luc truoc toi co tim ban o My , su dung ' Zabasearch' va ' people search ' nhung van khong thay...Toi hom nay , vo tinh toi nhan duoc 'email' cua Le Viet Quang va nhin thay ten ban trong list..That la mot su tinh co rat la vui.............Dia chi 'email' cua toi la '' Toi dang o San Diego, California. Long va gia dinh dang o Virginia phai khong ? Allow me to call your wife's cell number this weekend to get a hold of you, ok ?
Duong Quang Khai
01 tháng 11, 2009  Ung Kim Long (USA)   Reply Trả lời
WOW! In 2 weeks I've found 2 long lost friends...all because of this great web site! Good to hear from you Khai and hope to see you one day soon.
01 tháng 09, 2009  Phuong thanh Nguyen (USA)   Reply Trả lời
Hi all ,
Ne^'u ca'c ba.n na`o bie^'t U*ng Kim Long ba^y gio*` o*? dda^u , xin cho bie^'t .
To^i la` Phuo^ng Tha`nh Nguye^~n ( DDo^.i tru*o*?ng ddo^.i Ping Pong Taberd lu'c
Long co`n ddang dda'nh Ping Pong o*? Taberd , To^i ra tru*o*`ng na(m 73 .
Thanks ,
24 tháng 10, 2009  ung kim long (USA)   Reply Trả lời
Aghhhh...I remember now! It's Phuo^ng and I was thinking of Phu+o+ng. Sorry...How are you? You can call me on my wife cell...703-599-8422. Where are you now?
08 tháng 10, 2009  Phuo^ng Nguyen (USA)   Reply Trả lời
Hi Long ,
Are you sure you don't renember Me , We played Ping Pong for years also With Tri.nh Ho^? Long , I and Ho^? Long came to your hour in Cu* Xa' Tu*. Do ( Le^ Va(N Duye^.t ) many times . I graduate H.S 1973 and Went to LuaT Khoa .. I am not your class mate , You used to called me Anh Phuo^ng . My house was at Tru*o*ng Ta^'n Bu*?u , Phu' Nhua^.n and you came to my House couple times .
Are you the U*ng Kim Long that I talk about ? Send me your phone number , I will call you .
Tha^n .
Phuo^ng .
08 tháng 10, 2009  Ung kim Long (USA)   Reply Trả lời
Hello Phuong - Sorry but Toi khong nhan ra ten cua ong.
06 tháng 03, 2010  pham ba hung   Reply Trả lời
Xin hoi ban co fai la em cua Ung kim Luu k?